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What Is A Professional Health Advocate?

The Professional Health Advocate positions is a niche service and a growing trend. Whether it be attending a follow-up appointment with an aging parent or aiding in the transition back to the community after a hospital stay, the support received from a patient advocate can make a world of difference for struggling patients and families.

A Personal Health Advocate (PHA) is the assigned personal Project Manager (Health Advocate) and coordinator of a Client life. A Personal Health Advocate (PHA) is the assigned personal Project Manager (Health Assistant) and coordinator of a Client needs. A PHA helps to manage and coordinate their clients day to day life, health and lifestyle as per direction by the Client first and their family, including to coordinate and to bring onboard other services required such as specialized Nurses or personal support workers or physiotherapists and to help solve any problems including ensuring they are happy with their health and living accommodation, ensuring they attend their medical appointments on time, making sure they take their correct medicines every day at the proper time, and provide a true companion to the client that he can depend on, and to give the families the peace of mind they need to provide for their loved ones regardless of how far away they may live

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