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A Personal Health Advocate (PHA) is the assigned personal Health Project Manager and coordinator of a Client life. A PHA helps to manage and coordinate his clients day to day.

What Services Do We Offer?

Meta Health Associates (MHA) offers to match clients with the Services they need and the assigned Associate that will contact them and provide the services they request

Benefits for Individuals

The Personal Health Advocate is  your personal Guardian Angel , companion, friend that you can rely in asking anything you need either in personal visits

Benefits for Businesses

A PHA is an one stop problem evaluator that saves business in multiple ways.  Many good long-time employees have emotional and family problems that could affect their performance at work, such as marital problems, …

What Is A Professional Health Advocate?

The Personal Health Advocate positions is a niche service and a growing trend. Whether it be attending a follow-up appointment with an aging parent or aiding..

Our Associates Can Assist.In A Wide Range Of Issues

A PHA helps to manage and coordinate his clients day to day life and health and lifestyle as per direction by the Client first and his family, including to  coordinate to bring onboard other services required as specialized Nurses or personal support workers or physiotherapists and to help solve any problems they require answer including ensuring they are happy with…

Healthcare Navigation Support On Behalf Of Adult.

The challenge of balancing work life and family with your parent’s needs can be all-consuming and extremely stressful, especially if you live far apart. Let us help become a bridge and solve some of these challenges and more by taking on a leadership role to address some of these problems through a trusted community.Let a Health and Lifestyle …….

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