About Us​

Our Brilliant Story

Hence the partners decided to create Meta Health Associates to give these volunteer advocates the standing as Professional Health Project Managers and pay them so they can be their clients Guardian Angel and be able to take responsibility for their client’s life. The Professional Health Advocate (PHA) does not only solve the problems for the client with no family, they also resolve the problems for his adult children that are busy with life, family, work and may be living away in other cities or countries. They can now contract a Professional Health Advocate (PHA) to take care of their parents, where the whole family can chip in to pay for it and will give the family the peace of mind that their loved one is taken care and that they will be informed.


What We Offer

We offer to private clients and their families as well as to corporate clients a one stop office to contract Personal Associates as client health project managers as well as other health Associates and select external consultants.

I feel much better supported with my PHA.

We Understand Clients Requirements

We understand what our clients require, and after a concise evaluation with a personal coordinator and attorney, we have the experienced team to make a plan for the client. Our Attention system is connected 24 hours a day to attend to the supply schedules of your medicines.

We are a new generation to care for the elderly.

Benefits For Private Clients  ​

There are many benefits for private clients and their assigned Family member. The Client has companionship, emotional and practical support; and families have peace of mind, direct objective communication with the Professional Advocate.

We are the generation that built our current world.

Benefits For Corporate Clients​​

Corporate clients as managers of Senior homes, mental patients, and commercial enterprises benefit from contracting a health project manager, an Advocate, that they can utilize to find out what is the problem with any particular employee, and what are the health or other options to resolve the issue.

Our Management Team

Meet Our Management Team!  We are happy to help fulfil your needs. Please feel free to reach out for more information.

Denis Andrew Gittins BSc, MSc, PMP.

Chief Executive Officer CEO

Dr. Chukwuemka LLB, LLM, PhD.

Director of Legal affairs

Elizabeth Beyhout

Chief Pharmacist Coordinator


With a Personal Advocate we provide a health project management service

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