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We are an employment agency platform for health care professionals. We have built and maintain a Professional Health staffing platform for associates in the Professional Health care business for the care of the elderly as well as other patients providing health staff workers as Professional Health Associates, Registered Nurses, Practical Nurses, Physiotherapists and Personal Support Workers directly to clients needing home-care or retirement homes or providing the staffing needs for corporate clients. We source our consultants from within Canadian residents as well as bringing professional health foreign workers to fill in their staffing requirements.

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Our Specialization

We are a company that specializes in coordinating and matching what clients need with the services they require through a Professional Health Associate coordinator (PHA) The PHA is the clients main contact that will assess the needs of the client and will be responsible to coordinate all the services they require from other specialized in-house Associates or external consultants.
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What Services Do We Offer

Meta Health Associates (MHA) offers to match clients with the Services they need and the assigned Associate that will contact them and provide the services they request
Registered Nurse (RN)

The RN is the ranking professional health practitioner ​that is called in when required and reports to the clients PHA

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)

The RPN is the day-to-day health practitioner that fills in for the RN, and also reports to the client through the PHA.

Personal Support Worker (PSW)
The PSW works in parallel to the RPM, but closer to the client, and also reports to the client through the PHA.
Personal Support Assistant (PSA)
The PSA assists the PSW and the RPM to take care of the patients around the clock and also reports to the client through the PHA​
Pharmacist (PHR)

The Pharmacists is on call to serve the clients directly, or through their PHA.

Personal Health Advocate (PHA)​.

A PHA is the one-point clients’ companion and project manager responsible to resolve and plan all health and other issues for the Client, and to keep the family informed.​ The PHA is assisted by several in-house and external Associates

Physiotherapist (PHY)

The PHY is a Professional Physiotherapist that is brought in by the clients PHA when services are required, and reports to the client through the PHA

What We Offer Our Corporate Clients

We are a staff supply agency to supply short- and long-term staff within our Canadian resident consultants, or under contract we bring foreign health professionals to meet your staffing requirements.

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) Associate

Registered Nurse (RN)​ Associate

Personal Support Assistant (PSA) ​Associate

Our Team

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Denis Andrew Gittins

Chief Executive Officer CEO


Dr. Chukwuemka

Director of Legal affairs

Elizabeth Beyhout

Chief Pharmacist Coordinator

What Our Clients Say

The following summarizes what our clients say about our services, and how it has changed their life’s knowing that their loved ones are taken care off
Andrea Reynolds

At the beginning when i first came to a senior living accommodation, I had my own one-bedroom apartment, but I was lonely, my three kids had to move away, and are busy with life and families. So, I contracted an MHA Professional Health Advocate that is wonderful and my friend and companion. I don’t feel lonely anymore because i have somebody whenever i need him, he helps me understand the doctors description and prescriptions and manages my medicines and my health and physiotherapy sessions , as well as helps me with other issues i cannot ask my kids to help.

Jennifer Gonzales

When i had to move away with my husband that was transferred by his work to another country, i was very worried that my mother would receive the care she deserved. Nevertheless, when i met and contracted with the MHA Professional Health Advocate for my mother that also spoke her language, I felt that a weight had fallen from my shoulders, and now I have the peace of mind that our PHA looks after my mother as I would myself, and keeps me informed of everything by text, email and video conference.

Bryan Cunningam CEO

Until i found MHA and learned the functions of a Professional Health Advocate as the clients health project manager, i had a problem trying to get one of my volunteers to manage the seniors and patients health issues, as they were only volunteers.. Once i understood that a PHA is a professional paid health project manager, it helped me to have them in charge of coordinating the patients other services, and to also be with the patient at doctors appointments with the patient, taking notes and helping them understand what they have to do. The MHA made a world of difference for our company dedicated to supplying services to our in-house patients, as now i have the PHA as coordinators of all the others, and the client feels better, less anxious and less stress.

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